Em Beihold’s ‘Too Precious’ mixes eras, sticks to familiar tunes

By Kylie Corral, Summer Managing Editor for Reporting

Em Beihold, a singer-songwriter who emerged on Instagram and TikTok and wrote “City of Angels” and “Groundhog Day,” has released a new music video that accompanies her new single, “Too Precious.”

Beihold’s “City of Angels” describes a relationship broken by distance and change despite previous promises, while “Groundhog Day” deals with the hardships of living at home and not moving through life at the same rate as friends. Both tunes are comparable to themes in “Too Precious.” 

“Too Precious,” a song that brings a different perspective into the young adult experience, is sung by Beihold and discusses not fitting in, since she doesn’t find fun in party culture. While most popular artists might sing about the nostalgia of party culture, Beihold contradicts that stereotype, which deems her “Too Precious.”

Lyrics are the most direct way in which Beihold expresses themes in “Too Precious.”

Lyrics like “I got my own idea of fun / Don’t need to get drunk at the club” and “I like to stay home at home at night / You think it’s lame but I’m alright” start the song with the idea that individual people find their own way to have fun, even if it doesn’t conform to typical outings. By introducing the contrasting social lives of her and others, Beihold begins to form a bridge that might be crossed in the future.

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Beihold begins her song by directly announcing her idea of fun that contrasts with party culture, and she ends the tune in the same way with lyrics like, “I do what I want and may not be your type / Sorry I can’t be a person you like,” which ends the song on a strong note. Beihold sticks to her point, unwavering in her ideals while also not discriminating against others’ ideas of fun.

Stylistic choices, like the setting of the music video, also have an effect on the tune and what the audience understands from the music. Beihold’s music video has a surprising combination of vintage-era and present-day details.

Beihold’s outfit and singing are reminiscent of the 1950s to 1960s decades and represent a more house-orientated social scene. However, everyone else in the video remains in the modern time period, partying and donning 2022 fashion styles.

These conflicting eras represent Beihold’s desire for a special connection to her life and the past it might connect to while dealing with a present-day world that may find her lifestyle preferences outdated and boring. Where fashion and color clash in the video, so do ideals and comfort zones, leaving listeners to acknowledge that there’s more to fun than just partying for some people, while still validating others’ partying preferences.  

Although these elements might clash in the music video itself, it brings together two different ideals in social life — and maybe everyday life as well — highlighting the diversity in personalities. Beihold allows for differences to be embraced so that connections can be formed from it.

“Too Precious” teaches listeners via its lyrics and music video nostalgia to not ostracize people for their love of outdated things and their differences from what the newest generation finds amusing. While some enjoy their vintage style, social lives and quieter fun, others may find pleasure in parties with large groups of friends.

What might be “Too Precious” for some, is perfect for others, letting listeners know that there’s nothing wrong with being a little different.


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