Niall Horan releases lead single ‘Heaven’ in his third studio album ‘The Show’

By Caroline Sweeney, Staff Writer

Niall Horan, former member of the band One Direction, has released a new single titled, “Heaven.”

Horan, who found fame on TV show “The X-Factor,” was then grouped into a band that was later named One Direction, a band that found its way to fame for their iconic songs. Despite not winning the competition, One Direction went on to have a successful six-year reign before eventually disbanding. What was originally deemed as an 18-month hiatus by the group became permanent. 

Afterwards all the boys gave their shot at a solo career, and all of the five members have managed to find a decent amount of success in the entertainment industry. 

Horan has released two albums after coming out of his break from releasing new work since 2020. Back in January, Horan launched a website called which displayed a candle burning and a title that said “NH3 is loading…” which caused fans to meticulously check the website every day.

Then, after the candle finally burned down, an official announcement was made by the singer about the track. It was announced on Jan. 26, that “Heaven” would drop on Feb. 17. Following this, the song had been teased all over Horan’s TikTok and Instagram accounts.

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With TikTok, it’s especially hard to find a good way to advertise your song without giving away too much. Sam Smith also had issues with his teasing of the track “Unholy” because too much had been revealed too soon. It was considered a flop in marketing, and although it has since redeemed itself in the eyes of fans, it left many to worry about the idea of other artists doing the same.

But, when it came to Horan’s song, it seems to have worked in his favor. Fans were absolutely obsessed with the new single before they had even heard the whole thing, and they loved it even more once it had been released.

A mere two days before the release of “Heaven” there was another announcement from the singer about the release of his third album, “The Show,” set to drop on June 9.

“Heaven” is a love song about societal pressures.

“One thing I’ve learned over the years is that society loves to pressure us into reaching certain milestones by a certain age,” Horan said in a press release. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to let go of those expectations and just follow my heart.”

The most motivational part of everything is what Horan had to say about the chorus of the song.

“The chorus of this song is saying that what I have in my life currently is amazing,” Horan said. “So it would be crazy to ruin that by giving into outside pressures.”

Horan has remained hopeful in his own life, which can give his fans and other people who listen to this song some courage to ignore what others are saying and to live their own life carefree from others’ judgment.

Horan will be appearing in many festivals this summer and fans are waiting in anticipation to hear “Heaven” for the first time live. He’s also appearing in the next season of “The Voice” as a judge.

With work to look forward to from the 29 year-old singer, excitement is going to be build up until the release of his third studio album, “The Show,” on June 9.


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