Buzz’s arts, culture radio talk show returns for 2022


Photo courtesy of Carolina Garibay

Buzz editor, Carolina Garibay, goes on the air for Buzz’s radio show “What’s the Buzz?”. The show goes in depth in anything from art to entertainment, and airs on WPGU 107.1 every Wednesday night and is available on Spotify.

By Carolina Garibay, buzz Editor

The average person speaks about 7,000 words a day, according to research.

But for some of us who have a lot more to say and just like talking, “What’s the buzz?” provides an outlet, as well as a way to keep Champaign-Urbana informed on all things arts, culture and entertainment.

This year marks the third anniversary the buzz editorial staff  launched “What’s the buzz?” an arts and culture radio talk show featuring the editorial board and buzz staff writers who are passionate about having informed, insightful conversations about the topics that affect all of us.

One of the oldest “What’s the buzz?” members Becca Bertram, senior in Media, joined in 2019 and said the show allows her to talk about interesting topics with likeminded colleagues who have turned into friends.

“At the end of the day, it’s a great outlet for your thoughts and opinions that you might not get to talk about during school,” Bertram said. “It’s just a great way to feel like you’re adding something to the world.”

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“What’s the buzz?” features conversation about a variety of topics ranging from Oscars predictions, the #SaveBritney movement and the mystery behind being sad on your birthday.

Each topic was chosen by the “What’s the buzz?” members, and all the discourse you hear on the radio, besides some context information, is unscripted and formed out of of everyone’s own opinions and experiences.

The newest “What’s the buzz?” member Olivia Rosenberg, freshman in Media, talked about being able to pick topics that are interesting and compelling to her and the other members.

“Whether it’s pitching different topics or coming up with a theme each week, there is enthusiasm that comes with working on new materiel,” Rosenberg said. “The motivation of fellow ‘What’s the buzz?’ staff is encouraging and makes for such a great environment.”

She also praised the teamwork that goes on during the planning process for shows.

“The more we all work together as a team, the more the show evolves and blooms with creativity,” she said.

Part of that teamwork happens during the music planning process of the show.

Every week, the “What’s the buzz?” team comes up with a song topic, such as first songs on albums and red flag songs. Each member selects the songs they think best fit with the theme, and in-between topics, we share our playlist of the week with you and talk about why we chose the songs we did.

Sydney Wood, junior in Media, assistant buzz editor and “What’s the buzz?” member, said creating playlists is one of her favorite parts of the show.

“Not only can I discover music via the other buzz hosts, but there’s always something special about sharing new music with listeners,” Wood said.

She also said that even though she was only able to be on air last semester due to COVID-19  safety precautions, she’s gained more excitement the longer she’s been involved.

“My first time on-air was a weird mix of nervousness and excitement, but I’ve gained more and more experience with being live each Wednesday that I’m on air,” she said.

“What’s the buzz?” airs on WPGU 107.1 every Wednesday night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. You can find all the past and future “What’s the buzz?” playlists on Spotify at @buzzmagcu.

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