Recent Massmail details CU COVID-19 positivity rate, website


Photo Courtesy of University of Illinois

The Alma Mater statue stands tall while wearing a mask on Aug. 3.

By Aliza Majid, Staff Writer

The University sent out a Massmail addressing the concern with in-person classes for the semester after several universities have opted to move fully online after their first week reopening.

The new saliva-based test that has been created by the University has allowed them to remain open as the services have provided rapid results with immediate response from public health facilities.

Earlier this week there were around 10,000 tests conducted on campus, and testing has only accelerated this week. 

The testing program has conducted more than 60,000 tests since July and officials have noticed that the daily positivity rate has dropped from 1.5% to below 0.2%. The current positivity rate this week has ranged from 0.3% to 0.5%.

According to the University these rates are several times lower than positivity rates for the Restore Illinois region and 10 times below the maximum levels at the World Health Organization.

From next week on, the daily test results will be available on the COVID-19 website for individuals to view.

The next 10 to 15 days will determine how the University moves forward with their semester plans and hope campus members continue to abide by the health regulations in order to ensure the safety of the community.

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