College Media Madness vs. The Daily Illini

By Lika Lezhava, Editor-in-Chief

As our sports writers are hunkering down to cover the basketball tournament that comes around every March, the rest of the newsroom is prepared to take on College Media Madness.

This year, 31 college newsrooms, including our very own, have joined together to compete in the annual fundraiser College Media Madness.

The Daily Illini took home the main prize in 2021, placing first in the competition! Falling a bit short, but not too far from victory, we placed third in the 2022 tournament.

This year, we plan on taking back the title of the winners of College Media Madness!

A large part of the donations will go to bettering the equipment in our newsroom. We plan on purchasing new digital cameras as well as video equipment so we can cover all your favorite sports, music events and news.

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    As an independent student news source, it is important that we take these opportunities so we the students can continue to deliver the best quality journalism to our peers.

    Your donations are what will help us achieve these goals. Donations can be made at, where you can also check our ranking till April 3!

    The Daily Illini is excited to take part in this competition. We are thankful for the donors who have helped our newsroom grow!


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