Illini Media Company: A place for students in media to thrive


James Hoeck

The Daily Illini’s 2023 editorial board on the Main Quad in front of Foellinger Auditorium on May 5.

By Lika Lezhava and Lisa Chasanov

Most universities have student-run newspapers or radio stations. Some even have magazines or television channels. The one thing that all of them share is that they present students with the opportunity to work in media before graduation. 

Many student newspapers are directly affiliated with their universities, which can present challenges to the reporters. At times, employees of university-affiliated media organizations may feel unable to report honestly on the negative sides of their schools.

What makes the Illini Media Company different is that it is an independent entity that is run by students, for students. 

Being an independent company allows the students on staff the freedom to write about, publish and broadcast anything that they believe is important.

There is space for any kind of talent at IMC. A student can channel their creativity in photography or graphic design, improve their reporting skills, promote students work through a vast social media platform, work behind the scenes on the technical side of a media company and even share some of their favorite songs on the radio.

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As a part of IMC, there are numerous channels through which students can get involved. The Daily Illini is the independent student newspaper with a website as well as print editions, WPGU is the alternative rock radio station that features student shows and Illio is the yearbook. There is also the possibility to join the marketing and advertising teams.

Each of these organizations allow students to come together and gain professional experience, learn new skills and share meaningful work with the world. Anything that is produced by IMC is built from the ground up by students. All of the articles, visuals, web design, music and print editions published by IMC are chosen and built by students. 

Students who are interested in a career in media are highly encouraged to join IMC, but that doesn’t mean it is restricted to them. Any student is encouraged to get involved with IMC and learn the inner workings of a media company. A large group of IMC staff members major in subjects generally thought to be unrelated to student media. Nonetheless, they thrive.

With no prior experience necessary, IMC allows students to learn and develop their skills. Students are able — and encouraged — to teach and learn from one another. Through all pathways, there is an opportunity for employees to work their way up to paid positions, be it an executive position, and editorial position, an assistant or the like.

Regardless of your experience and interests, the Illini Media Company has a place for you to explore new passions and grow as an individual. We hope to see your faces in The Daily Illini news room, the WPGU studio or the IMC office in the fall!

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