Improv groups perform at Union

Alex Nowak

Alex Nowak

By Sharon Steed

Karin Dabrowski loves to laugh.

“My friends and I could laugh at the stupid things we do for hours,” she said.

When Dabrowski, junior in LAS, heard about the free improvisational comedy Monday nights at the Illini Union Courtyard Cafe, she said she knew she was ready to experience it.

“I had a few friends go to it in the past and they said I should check it out,” Dabrowski said.

Every Monday and Tuesday night, student improv comedy groups perform at the Union. Monday nights feature de Bono, a student comedy troupe that practices long-form improvisational comedy. According to the Illini Union’s Web site, this form of improvisation involves players who use a game or audience suggestion to create a sketch, story or scene that will evolve throughout the evening.

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    “It was kind of like that show Whose Line is it Anyway? except with students just like me,” said Veronica Jenkins, senior in applied life studies.

    Jenkins attends performances occasionally and said they were a nice break from chemistry and calculus.

    “You just get so caught up in classes and worrying about this or that, that you forget to take time to do something fun,” she said.

    Dabrowski said the sketches are hilarious and bring stress relief.

    The group parodied everything from mischievous schoolboys to “manly encounters.”

    “My favorite sketch was definitely the lingerie store,” said Carver Martin, a Parkland student.

    The sketch entailed two mothers, one with a 12-year-old son and the other with a 13-year-old daughter, running into each other at a lingerie store. Both mothers embarrassed their children with stories of their college years and first bra jitters, among other things.

    Martin usually attends the improv shows on Tuesday nights, when Spicy Clamato performs. Spicy Clamato is the longest-running student improvisational comedy group on campus, according to the Union’s Web site.

    “De Bono’s sketches are longer, more detailed,” Martin said. “(Spicy Clamato) is shorter; they get to the point quicker.”