Halloween films deliver thrills, screams, and laughs

By Tanika Ely

Looking for a good scare this Halloween weekend? Last October, horror did not get much love at the movies. Those who wanted a thrill went to see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but this Halloween there are more scary movies to choose from.

A moral maniac, a popular killer doll and a spirit with a grudge top this Halloween season’s silver screen.

The Grudge, a remake of Japanese horror flick Ju-On, stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as a foreign exchange student in Tokyo. She volunteers as a home care worker and is sent to fill in for a woman who has mysteriously disappeared. She unknowingly exposes herself to the curse of a woman who was savagely murdered in the house.

The ominous spirit still lurks, and those who step in the house – even for a second – are haunted by the angry spirit until their certain demise. Gellar tries to uncover the secrets of the house and the woman to avoid the spirit’s wrath.

The Grudge shows a style similar to that of The Ring, another Japanese film remake, and opens with an unexpected scene that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. The movie capitalizes on natural human fears but also uses the element of surprise and strange ghost sounds to rattle viewers. Although the ending comes up short, there are plenty of scary scenes and creepy visuals.

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The Grudge premiered in theaters last Friday.

While The Grudge emphasizes the supernatural, Saw gets into the mind of a maniac. A disturbed man, who is known only as “Jigsaw,” justifies kidnapping people who he thinks have not lived their lives morally. He then pits complete strangers against each other in life-or-death situations.

Two men awaken to find themselves chained to a pipe, a dead man lies between them, and they are left with two saws and a message. The message tells one of the men to kill the other, or they will both die. The saws are not strong enough to cut through their chains, but the captives can free themselves by severing a limb.

Although their abductor is considered a psychopathic killer, he never actually kills any of his victims – he has an uncanny way of getting his victims to kill themselves. Saw comes out in theaters this Friday.

Jigsaw is not the only guy giving scares this Halloween season. Chucky of the Child’s Play series is back and delivering more than just laughs and screams. In The Seed of Chucky, there is a new addition to the family. His son, Glen, is unsure of his role in the family and Chucky is faced with the dilemma of raising him.

Opening in November, The Seed of Chucky misses Halloween, but the holiday spirit lives. Considering the last few movies in this series, expect less scary moments and more laughs.

Another movie that delivers laughs is Shaun of the Dead, already in theaters. It is a zombie film with a different perspective. Shaun tries to win back his ex-girlfriend but finds difficulty when the dead come back to life. Along with his friends, Shaun sets off to kill the zombies and reconcile his relationship.

Whether it is horror, thriller or comedy, there is a Halloween movie for everyone.