‘Tell Me When’

Peter Hoffman

By Julia Kline

Undergraduate students in photography will host an art show entitled “Tell Me When,” today.

The exhibition will feature myriad mediums such as photography, sculpture, video, and even diorama. It will be located in the link gallery between the Krannert Art Museum and The Art and Design Building located at 408 East Peabody Dr. The showcase, which includes the creations of sophomore, junior, and senior art students, represents the culmination on many months of work.

Between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., the gallery will be opened to the public for perusal. The student artists will be in attendance to present and discuss their creations.

One of the most striking features of the exhibit is the diversity of artistic vision presented through the photos and videos. Darren Stevenson, senior in FAA, will exhibit material that is especially quirky. Stevenson’s portfolio includes framed pages torn from children’s books and a short video entitled “Meat.” Stevenson says that he looks to his surrounding environment for inspiration and likes to create art that is slightly deviant from the norm.

“I would describe my work as humor mixed with documentary,” said Stevenson.

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Jessica Ferrone, senior in FAA, is also exhibiting her works. Ferrone’s pieces focus primarily on women and body image. Ferrone’s repertoire includes a painting of a woman scrutinizing her body and a short video concerning eating rituals.

“A lot of my work focuses on the paranoia we have about our bodies,” said Ferrone. “We examine ourselves and become obsessed over things that aren’t even there.”

Katee Hendrickson, senior in FAA, helped to organize this year’s photography show. Additionally, Hendrickson will be one of its featured artists. Hendrickson is displaying a series of portraits she calls “Untitled Monochromes.” These photographs feature austere looking women who have been supplanted into different backgrounds. One color predominates each of Hendrickson’s pieces.

“When you look at the pictures, the flat expressions are supposed to evoke an uncomfortable feeling,” said Hendrickson.

Lauren Lenkowski, senior in FAA, will be displaying pieces that are equally eccentric. In Lenkowski’s humorous photographs, she performs indoor activities in outdoor situations, rendering them nonsensical. In one of her vividly colored photographs Lenkowski combs blades of grass; in another she prunes her bushes with a wrench.

“I work with a basic concept, but I want it to be open to interpretation,” said Lenkowski. “When people talk about it, they have different interpretations and that is interesting to me.”

Overall, Ferrone believes that viewers will be impressed by the array of art present at the show.

“A lot of us are working in mixed media,” said Ferrone. “If you come to a photography show here expecting to see only photography, you’ll be surprised at the different mediums represented.”

Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity of purchasing prints of student artwork. Twenty to thirty art prints will be sold at the show for five dollars apiece. Hendrickson hopes that these prints will help the photography program raise money for future events.

“The prints will help fund our 2006 senior art show,” said Hendrickson. “Also, everyone needs a little art in their life.”