Archivist reflects on changes in the University

By Alex Deiro

What was it like to go to the University 25, 50 or even a 100 years ago?

The University archives has all the codes students had to follow, from 1881 up to the present.

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    This includes rules about women having 10:30 p.m. curfews and rules against sunbathing on the quad. And if you want to go way back you didn’t even have to pay tuition, just the $2 for room and board.

    Assistant University Archivist Chris Prom said there were even some very restrictive rules on driving.

    “Prior to the 1960’s students were not allowed to have cars on campus,” Prom said. “But obviously now its completely the opposite, almost every student has a car.”

    And if you really like to wear your sweatpants to class Prom says you may have been out of luck fifty years ago.

    “There was certainly an expectation that you would dress well,” Prom said. “If you look at pictures from that period of students walking around the quad you’ll see men dressed in ties and Women pretty well uniformly in dresses. There was kind of a general expectation that you’d look respectable.”

    Prom said that the student code may be different now, but it still reflects the University’s commitment to uphold its reputation.