COLUMN: Nothing secret in Victoria’s clothing line

By Colleen Loggins

G-string. Thong. Push-up bra. Shocked yet? I didn’t think so. But, apparently some people are starting to think that Victoria’s Secret is getting a little too racy for its own good, including the head of the lingerie chain.

The Chicago Tribune recently reported that Victoria’s Secret’s chief executive, Sharen J. Turney, acknowledged that the chain has gotten “too sexy.”

“We use the word ‘sexy’ a lot and really have forgotten the ultra-feminine,” she reportedly said in a conference call with analysts.

According to the Tribune, “Turney also said the brand’s original story line was of a to-the-manner-born Londoner named Victoria whose lacy underthings, we assume, were her little secret. But in recent years, Victoria became known as simply “Vicky,” and she had no qualms about flaunting her sex appeal.”

(I’ve heard rumors that Vicky’s real secret is that she’s a dude!)

Many comments on the story were from people who thought the store was not just toeing a fine line between sexy and sleazy, but was doing a backbend over the line wearing nothing but a short trench coat and stripper heels.

One woman’s comment said Victoria’s Secret has turned into a store for “sluts and teenage wannabe sluts” and she hasn’t shopped there since the 1980s.

Another woman thought the problem was more widespread than just VS and was even afraid to take her grandchildren past the underwear department at J.C. Penney. She didn’t like answering the questions about “what they (almost) see.”

First of all, what is this woman talking about? We all know that mannequins are creepy and barely resemble an actual woman. So basically, these children see two mounds covered by a bra and underwear covering non-existent private parts. What exactly are they almost seeing? Unless her grandkids are running around pulling down the bra/underwear and she has to explain to them adult women don’t actually look like that, she shouldn’t have to answer any questions.

And if they are doing that, then perhaps the underwear department’s sleaziness is not what she should be concerned with.

The other woman who thinks VS has turned into a store for “sluts and teenage wannabe sluts” might very well be from 1895. Does wanting to wear nice underwear really make you a slut? Or how about wearing sweat pants with “PINK” across the butt? Now, maybe if you wore only nice underwear and the aforementioned trench coat you could be considered slutty, but I mean really, lady? It’s a lingerie store. What did you expect to find in there?

One person even complained that the models were too skeletal. The last time I checked, VS was one of the few companies that employed curvy-er models. They are, after all, selling lingerie, which needless to say, generally looks more attractive when there is something to put it on.

I mean, they let Heidi Klum walk the runway like two months or so after she gave birth to her third child.

While Heidi looked phenomenal, she certainly was not waif-like.

They also let Tyra Banks be the queen of her last fashion show even after she gained weight.

The models are by no means average women, but they are not anorexic looking. I don’t think half as many guys would want them if they were.

Now, there are some interesting recent additions to the store, like the “Peek-a-boo” line that features crotchless panties and bras with holes for nipples to pop through.

While I personally wouldn’t want to wear them, there are people who do. Shouldn’t they be able to find these items at a lingerie store?

As long as the models in the store front window don’t start sporting these items, I think Victoria’s Secret should carry on with what they are doing.

But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how they tone it down.

I have a feeling not much will be different.

How much can you tone down underwear?

Colleen is a junior in Communications who thinks that nipple holes in bras takes some of the mystery away, but is curious to know what everyone else thinks. She can be reached at [email protected]