Stuck home again during spring break

By Colleen Loggins

Spring break for the past two years has been a little boring for me. I haven’t gone anywhere exciting, been 21, hooked up with someone random, and I haven’t seen any other friends apart from the people who go to school with me and live in my hometown.

Spring break may be a temporary relief from the pressures of school, but it can also be very drab.

Since our break isn’t usually scheduled when other colleges have their breaks, it’s harder to hang out with old friends. Sure, you can always go visit them at their schools, but chances are, they’ll be super busy and won’t have time to entertain you.

Plus, we can’t ever go on MTV’s Spring Break. It may be less enticing nowadays, but how will we ever know where we would place in a wet T-shirt contest?

This year looks like it’s going to be good. According to the MTV Web site, they are going to be celebrating brains and beauty with such things as “Tila Tequila’s Spring Break Fantasy Couple,” where contestants compete in serious physical and mental challenges to win the title of king and queen of spring break.

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Well, all I can say is, thank God someone decided to figure out who the smartest, most drunken spring break reveler is. At least now when parents watch, they can see their tuition money is not going to waste.

MTV’s Spring Break really is an iconic part of American culture we’ll never be able to experience. Of course, you can always raise hell with your friends, but it’s a little unsatisfying to know it will never be documented on national TV.

Perhaps it is a good thing we don’t have our break when MTV films theirs. It makes you wonder if the University planned it that way…

Colleen is a junior in Communications and isn’t going anywhere again this year. She’s a little bitter. She can be reached at [email protected].