Mighty morphin television memories transformed with new perspective

By Colleen Loggins

Last week on ABC Family’s “Greek,” Cappie told Rusty that sometimes when you glorify something in the past, and go back to it, it no longer holds the same charm it once did.

For Cappie, “The Goonies” was not the same fun-filled adventure it was when he saw it as a child. It was, in fact, an extremely creepy movie.

The day after I watched Greek, I saw the Last Comic Standing Tour at Assembly Hall, and one of the performers joked about how one of his favorite movies as a child, “Labyrinth,” was not at all appropriate for children.

I took these two incidents as a sign that I should go back and look at my favorite childhood TV shows to see how they have changed with an adult perspective.

The first thing I looked at was “Captain Planet”. You know, the show where the teens from across the world are sent power rings by the spirit of the world (Gaia) and with their powers combined, summon Captain Planet so he can fight evil. Well, environmental evil, mostly.

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Well, I noticed right away that this show tackled some serious issues. Like really serious. In one episode that I re-watched, the “Planeteers” had to solve the conflict in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The one between the Catholics and Protestants that had been raging for centuries. Guess what? They did solve it, and in 30 minutes!

The next episode I watched was about gang violence, and I kid you not, there were random pictures of Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman and Nelson Mandela that popped up throughout the episode with inspirational music. I understand that this was a kid’s show, but there is something to be said for subtlety.

I also thought it was hysterical that the Planeteers were even in a gang-riddled school in the first place. You would think that as defenders of the world, they could go to a decent school.

And have you ever wondered why “heart” was even in the equation with earth, fire, wind and water? Theoretically, I understand that heart is important for saving the earth, but in this episode, only one planeteer, Ma-Ti (with the power of heart) gets himself kidnapped.

Then after a huge struggle to get his power ring free, all he does is send a thought message to the others to come save him – after they figured out where he was and were already on their way to him. How sad.

Plus, it’s hilarious how Captain Planet is sometimes so unnecessary. Did the Planeteers really have to summon him to fight a fire in the school? I mean, couldn’t the water girl have put out the fire herself?

I love how at the end of the episode, when they reveal their powers, people ask them who they are, and the fire guy says, “We’re just average kids trying to make the world a better place,” and then the episode continues without anyone mentioning it again. I personally would have a follow-up question if I saw someone shoot fire out of a ring.

But Captain Planet wasn’t the only show I watched as a kid. I also loved the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and I all I can say is, why did they insist on fighting bad guys individually, when the only way they could defeat them was by combining their powers and becoming a living robot action figure? It really would have saved a lot of time to do that from the beginning.

I also absolutely loved “Full House”, but now find it extremely hard to watch, solely because of Michelle. She is so annoying. And not cute at all. She’s so whiney and gets everything she wants and if she doesn’t she has to make some inane comment about how nobody loves her because she the baby, and blah, blah, blah.

Did Uncle Jesse really stay with the family after his wedding because of Michelle? How weird is that? They did not have a normal relationship.

Does anyone know why on earth she had a million catch phrases? “You got it dude” and “Oh puhlease” and “Capice” were just a few of them.

It did not make her more likeable or cute.

Well, I only looked at a few of my favorite shows, but every single one I did look at, I found things I never would have noticed as a child. I think this is my new favorite game to play.

Colleen is a senior in Media who may have gotten a little caught up in watching Captain Planet episodes because they are just that ridiculous. You should go re-watch them. She can be reached at [email protected].