Danish queen designs costumes for Christmas ballet



By Gabriel Gabiro

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – “The Little Snow Girl” is being dressed by a queen.

Denmark’s Queen Margrethe on Tuesday unveiled costumes she designed for a Christmas ballet based on the classic Russian folk tale. The outfits are dominated by baby-blue traditional Russian dresses, cream shirts with flower motifs, golden head scarves and black Russian hats.

“Working on this project has been exciting for me,” the 68-year-old monarch told The Associated Press after a news conference. “We did it the simple way, simple materials, we recycle almost everything.”

“The Little Snow Girl” is a story of an old childless Russian couple whose wish for a little daughter is granted when a snowball turns human. Their joy is short-lived as the little girl vanishes with the arrival of spring.

Margrethe, a prolific graphic artist and scenographer, has previously designed costumes and sets for several plays, including adaptations of stories by fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. She has also provided illustrations to a Danish edition of the three volumes of “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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    The ballet opens Dec. 13 at Pakhus 11, an old warehouse turned into a gallery on the outskirts of Copenhagen.