Some Late Night favorites go missing

By Vince Dixon

The University has already put into effect its plan to eliminate the use of trays in University dining halls. The Pennsylvania Avenue Residences and Allen Hall have already gone trayless, saving the school water, work and waste. While many students see a slow disappearance of the common items from dining halls, others have noticed changes in Late Night a la carte facilities as well.

When a student enters one of the four Late Night stations on campus they may notice that the typical Little Debbie snacks are no longer stocked on shelves. The tiny rack that once held an assortment of honey buns, nutty bars and brownies have been removed.

The common response from student Late Night workers regarding the missing sweets usually fall along the lines of “I’m not sure why,” or “I don’t know.”

University Housing has not commented about the issue, but students have their own opinions about why some of the common snacks are no longer available.

Kelsey Isaacson, a freshman in Business, said she thinks the changes could be due to the school wanting to offer healthier choices. She said it is still better to have different menu items available.

“It’s important to have variety,” Isaacson said, adding that there should be ways for students to get the items back if they wanted.

Other students, such as Alex Beiriger, senior in LAS, agree.

Beiriger said students should be able to e-mail dining services with their opinions about changes.

The University allowed students to voice their opinions on possible dining food on Jan. 17, when the school allowed food suppliers to come and test their products with students. The annual taste testing event gives the suppliers the chance to see what students like and dislike.

Some students have still seen less of their favorite Late Night items and are not sure if the school will continue to provide them.

Lindsey Travers, freshman in AHS, said she stopped seeing chicken sandwiches offered at the 6 Pack’s E-Chomps Late Night.

“They’re amazing. Every time I’ve been here, I haven’t seen them,” she said. “I know everyone loves them.” She said she would want E-Chomps to restock the item if they’ve decided to not to sell it anymore or to at least offer it more often.

New items have also been added to Late Night selection. Candy topped crŠme pies and new energy drinks are some of the new selections. The new items have quickly grown in popularity as students, including Isaacson and Beiriger, listed the item as one of their favorite new items and said they are happy to see croissant sandwiches added to the menu.

Adam Reisberg, a senior in Engineering, said he thinks the croissants are healthier and store longer. Beiriger agreed.

“They go well with anything,” Beiriger said.

Students can make suggestions or ask questions about new snacks by visiting the University Housing Web site where item listings and prices are also available.