Cashmere Cat gives peculiar performance at Canopy Club

By Rebecca Ou, Contributing writer

Cashmere Cat entered the stage as smoke filled the room and birds chirped in the background, creating a safari-like ambiance.

The up-and-coming DJ performed at the Canopy Club Wednesday night, but didn’t go on until 11:25 p.m.

Nina Las Vegas energetically opened for the DJ with remixes to well-known songs such as “Get Free” by Major Lazer and “I Love Kanye” by Kanye West at 10 p.m.

Cashmere Cat said nothing to the audience as he came out on stage. Throughout the entire performance, Cashmere Cat let the music energize the crowd and remained silent.

He set his stage off with “Rice Rain” which was followed by “Mirror Maru,” his most popular song. The song energized the crowd as they jumped and danced to the music.

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Smoke continued to glide off the stage with pink lights flashing through the room. The DJ remained silent but danced along to his music, swaying from side to side.

He then played “Pearls” and turned his back to the crowd as the beat slowly increased, getting the crowd hyped up. Once the song’s drop hit, the lights started flashing sporadically.

The next song, “Fake Love” from Drake was well received by the audience. During the song, Cashmere Cat would stop the music and point the microphone toward the crowd and the crowd would sing “straight up to my face” back at him.

Afterward, he played “Wedding Bells” and “Adore.” He touched one button and turned up the lights and sound. He blew a few bubbles out into the crowd and proceeded to sit on the ground.

At midnight, he played “Waves” by Kanye and mouthed along silently to the song with his back turned again. Once he turned around, he got on top of the table and took a Snapchat of the crowd.

Cashmere Cat lightly clapped while standing on the table and the crowd started shouting “one more song.” Cashmere cat gave the crowd what they wanted and started playing his new song, “9 ft. M & SOPHIE,” which is from his newly released album “9.”

Afterward, Cashmere Cat played several songs from Lil Uzi that the crowd was familiar with. In the next song, Cashmere Cat danced and fell back as if he was broken to physically describe the nature of the song that was playing.

He then stood up straight, pointed his finger toward the ceiling and the lights moved from the crowd up to the ceiling. He sent a thumbs up to the staff. The whole club vibrated.

As the song continued to play, Cashmere Cat hopped over to the crowd and high-fived a few people gently before going back to the center of the stage. He started playing “Do You” by Miguel as his own remix and and held peace signs up with his hands.

The crowd began clapping overhead to the music which lead him to end the show with “9 (After Coachella)(ft. MØ & SOPHIE).”

Cashmere Cat left the stage with piano music playing the background in an oversized denim jacket, his arms swinging back and forth with his hands gripping onto both his cellphone and headphones.

After the DJ left the stage, the crowd restlessly chanted “one more song” in hopes of attaining an encore, but that was the last song for Cashmere Cat.

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