University shows discrepancies among social rankings


By Rebecca Wood, Staff writer

The University has fallen to No. 14 on The Princeton Review’s list of party schools since being voted No. 1 in 2015; however, the University was voted No. 1 on Business Insider’s list of  “30 Most Fun Colleges in America.”

Business Insider calculated the list by combining what The Princeton Review used to calculate the top party schools combined with categories like “happiest students” and “best quality of life.”

“Fun is probably more inclusive of other activities besides drinking,” said Nicole Sazonov, student in LAS.

In the past, the University was known for its party culture, hence the No. 1 rank. This “most fun” ranking reaches beyond that culture.

“When we were the No. 1 party school, I think that was based a large part in Unofficial,” John Paul, lecturer in journalism, said.

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Paul said students have historically come from other universities to attend this heavy party-focused event. He said he thinks the drop in party school rank could be due to a new strict policy enforced and the recent deaths of University students during Unofficial.

Brittany Kiss, sophomore in LAS, said there are a lot of events at the University that are not necessarily associated with drinking that make the University a fun place to be. Kiss gave examples such as the Post Malone concert in April, and football games during the fall.

“I think No. 1 party school has a negative connotation, but (No. 1 most fun school) is more positive,” Kiss said.

Kiss said she feels other universities, of which are not known for partying, are held to a higher standard. She said it is possible if the University did not have these rankings it would be held to the same account.

As a parent, Paul emphasized the importance of a “true” college experience.

“Being a parent, sending your kids off to school — having the college experience be fun for that student is great,” Paul said.

According to Paul, there are dozens of lists that have ranked the University on various factors.

As a faculty member, Paul pays more attention to whether or not the University is ranked well in academics or sports.

Overall, the students and faculty focused on being recognized as a well-rounded campus rather than a party school. Kiss thinks this list should not impact students’ time here or their view of the University.

Kiss also said in terms of the new ranking, students should continue to go about their lives per usual.

While many may think the lists directly affect the University, Paul said he believes they do not really mean anything and do not have an impact on admissions or the University as a whole.

Kiss also added that she believes no matter what ranking the University receives, the culture will mostly stay the same.

“The social scene is poppin,’” Kiss said.

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