Sophomores return to dorms in hopes for better experience


Cameron Krasucki

Sammy Epstein, Sophomore in Accounting and Finance, moves into Wassaja Hall on Aug. 20. Multiple sophomores have returned to live in the dorms hoping for a better year full of in-person events and social interactions.

By Olivia Vamos, Staff Writer

Multiple sophomores who have returned to live in the dorms have said they think living in the dorms are better this year. They are provided with in-person events and social interactions that can provide them with the normal college experience they missed last year.

Sophia Guzman, sophomore in FAA, lived in Townsend Hall of Illinois Street Residence Halls and has returned to live there this year.

“I feel like I didn’t get the full dorm experience the freshman year because everything was closed and you really couldn’t spend too much time around other people because you didn’t have areas to sit, everything was socially distanced,” Guzman said. “This year I wanted to redo that dorm living experience and it’s a lot better.”

Guzman said last year felt more independent and socializing opportunities were more difficult. There were also less people on campus. She said that this year, because many people have returned, it is easier to be more social and living in dorms is better. 

Yoana Hernandez, sophomore in LAS, lived in Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall last year and is now living in Bousfield Hall in Ikenberry Commons. Living in the dorm as a sophomore is giving her the college experience that she did not get last year, Hernandez said.

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    “Last year because of COVID-19, I was stuck inside,” Hernandez said. “Since I knew that this year there was going to be more people coming I wanted to experience what it would have been differently.”

    Ryan Wold, sophomore in Business, lived in Nugent Hall in Ikenberry Commons last year and is living in Wardall Hall in ISR this year.

    “The dorms are a lot better this year just because of the social aspect,” Wold said. “More people are outgoing; they’re more willing to meet new people.” 

    Wold said he often talks to people on the elevator. He said last year was difficult to socialize with new people because people wanted to keep to themselves and get back to their room safely. 

    This year, Wold said people feel more relaxed. Because people are vaccinated, they feel more comfortable being around others and going out, he said.

    Hernandez said with more people in the dorms, she has had an easier time making friends.

    Another thing Hernandez said she likes about living in the dorms this year is being able to have guests over.

    “Last year they didn’t let us bring guests (in the dorms),” Hernandez said. “Now my friends can come over, we can watch movies, do face masks, versus last year we couldn’t.”

    Wold said he likes that the dining hall is open for dine in this year and he is able to eat with his friends and socialize. He said last year the dorms had free food events, where people could pick up food and then socialize over Zoom, but not everyone would attend the Zoom meeting. 

    “This year they had an ice cream social, they had ping pong, they have door decorating, there’s a lot more activities and events that are going on on campus,” Wold said.

    Wold said there was high in-person attendance at these events.

    Hernandez said that her resident adviser is now able to host more social events. For example, there will be something happening for Halloween, and the floor meetings are in person instead of via Zoom, which Hernandez said she enjoys because she can interact with the RA and her neighbors. 

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