When the stars align: Zodiac signs influence dating decisions

By Jackie Barba, Contributing Writer

Cuffing season, during the fall and winter months, is a time in which many find themselves forming committed and romantic relationships. For some people, horoscopes impact the selection and perception of romantic partners.

Horoscopes are based on the position of the stars, moon and planets at the time of an event, such as a person’s birth. People use them to attempt to predict certain qualities about a person.

Bellamy Negron, freshman in DGS, who has studied the horoscopes in her own time, explains what a person’s zodiac sign means. 

“Zodiacs are like another part of you,” Negron said. “Whatever your signs are, that’s your nature. If you look up ‘Pisces’ you would see that they’re always kind and very wise. With Virgos, they’re intelligent and very mothering. That’s how it works.”

While a zodiac sign can be used to predict certain aspects of a person’s character, it can also serve to attribute certain qualities in a romantic relationship. Negron said different signs may have different behaviors when it comes to dating and relationships. 

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“All zodiacs have unique traits and dating is no different,” Negron said. “Some signs are very loving and open, some are quieter and let you do all the talking and some just aren’t that open.”

These qualities can often work against specific signs, garnering reputations for which signs should be sought after and which ones should avoid.

Nirmal Nathan, freshman in AHS, said these preconceived notions about different signs can bring people together. 

“I’ve heard that Scorpios have a bad reputation, while Libras are fun,” Nathan said. “It’s interesting to see people bond over their shared expectations of people’s zodiac sign and what they believe about it.”

Negron said that certain signs are more likely to have bad reputations than others. Specifically, Negron said Pisces, Leos, Scorpios and Geminis are often avoided.

“Leo and Aries are passionate and very fiery,” Negron said. “Scorpios can be very quiet and keep to themselves. Sometimes people just don’t like those qualities. They probably dealt with some not-great people who are those signs.”

Carter Simmons, freshman in DGS, said that while a horoscope can influence the decision to date someone, an astrological sign would likely not impact that person’s actions in a relationship.

“I think that knowing someone’s horoscope can influence someone who believes in astrology’s dating decisions, but I don’t think that an astrological sign actually has much of an impact on personal relationships,” Simmons said.

Many see someone’s horoscope as a way to better understand their partners or possible partners. As Negron said, the zodiac is just one more way for an individual to understand others. 

“People already judge others on appearances and attitude,” Negron said. “With zodiac signs, people are now more clear on who this person is based on their sign.”

For Nathan, a nonbeliever, the concept of judging someone based on their horoscope has little worth.

“I believe that a person’s character is solely from them; not something that can be affected by their birthday or something like that,” Nathan said. “I think it’s superficial to not want to date someone because of their horoscope.”

Simmons agreed and said horoscopes do not have a large impact on his dating choices. However, he also added that he could understand why others might choose to use zodiac signs to shape their dating choices. 

“I don’t blame somebody if they do make decisions based on that kinda stuff,” Simmons said.

Negron said to remember that a person’s horoscope is not necessarily definitive of their personality. He said Scorpios, Pisces and other less-favored signs should not lose out hope on getting “cuffed” this season. 

“There’s no bad sign,” Negron said. “People can just be bad on their own — sign and all. But every sign has great qualities and should be used to the best of your ability.”

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