Students reflect on definition of ‘motherhood’

By Faith Allendorf and Cecilia Milmoe

With Moms Weekend approaching next weekend, students and moms will soon be participating in events held by the University. For many students, being a mom themselves is something exciting to look forward to.

Several students interested in being mothers shared what motherhood means to them, as well as what they think are good qualities for mothers.

Audrey Cicmanec, sophomore in FAA

“I know so many people in my life who are mothers, who have children of their own that they are so happy for and I see how much joy it brings them … My mom is really wonderful and I hope that I can be just like her and be a good mom.”

I think that a good mom is mainly just somebody that is able to give their child everything that their child needs, but also everything that can make their child feel fulfilled.”

Anna Bogdanski, junior in Engineering

“Caring for your kids and just trying to do the best for them that you can.

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    “Someone who is always supportive of their kids. And obviously, you want to steer them in the right direction, but you have to allow them to make their own choices. As long as they’re on the right path and you’re supporting them.”

    Jasmine Finley, freshman in LAS

    “The biggest thing about motherhood for me is to be a support system. Someone you can always talk to and rely on. And someone who’s going to always be there for you.

    “A good mom is someone who’s always present, who really cares about not only her children but herself, with a lot of support. Someone who’s always in the picture.”

    Riley Coughlan, sophomore in Media

    “It’s a sense of caring for a child, whether they are biological or not. And I don’t think that every woman should be forced into motherhood, but if a woman chooses to be a mother, it’s a really important thing for them.

    “Being supportive and understanding that not every child can be perfect. And kindness is a big thing.”

    Shaden Rafati, freshman in AHS

    “Being good to my kids and giving them a lot of opportunities, love and care.

    “Great communication and listening, like actually listening to your kids rather than being pushy or telling them what to do, or making them do what you think is best.”

    Caitlin Niesman, freshman in LAS

    “Being a mother is being a role model for someone biologically or non-biologically related to you. It is also being a representative for them and always caring for them and providing them a safe home place where they know they can count on you and tell you anything they need. It’s always being there for them.

    “Mothers have to have listening skills and a whole heart and always be there and want to be there. Also, be a best friend to your kids, but while also maintaining your motherly role of making rules and restrictions.”

    Eve Rubovips, sophomore in AHS

    “Being very caring and having good management with your schedules, because you’ll have kids and your own schedule. Knowing how to care for your family and also yourself.

    “Definitely caring, probably flexible and adaptable because things can change really quickly. And managing emotions.”

    Christina Serrano, sophomore in AHS

    “Being a mother means understanding the needs of your own children, but also taking into account your own and finding that balance.

    “Attentive, caring, involved in the sense that you just want to help (your kids) and help them see what’s best for them. But also, be their best friend in a way.”


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