The do’s and don’ts of Halloween costumes

By Ashleigh Kendrick, Staff Writer

As Halloween approaches, everyone grows more excited to show off their costumes. Some people have been planning their costumes since last Halloween while others are still putting the pieces together. Whichever side you fall into, it’s important to make sure your costume is fun and not offensive. Here are a few things to consider when putting together your costume.

DO: Dress up as a fictional character or creature

If you have a favorite character from a movie, TV show or video game, dress up as them! What better way to show off your love for a show than to dress up as a character? You might also find new friends along the way if others know who you are dressed up as.

DON’T: Paint your face or body to correspond to the race of the character

Unless your fictional character is green, blue or any other fantastical color, avoid painting your skin to match the race of the character as it could come off as offensive to others.

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    DO: Bring a prop

    Need a way for your costume to stand out? Bring a prop! If you’re going as sailor moon, buy or DIY her Moon Stick. Going as Mario? Bring along a plush Yoshi with you. Big or small, a prop can make a costume stick out from the rest.

    DON’T: Dress up as racial stereotypes
    If you’re thinking of wearing a sombrero and poncho, you may want to reconsider as these costumes can be offensive to people who the costume is stereotyping. The same applies to dressing up as a Native American chief with a full headdress or dressing up as a Geisha and putting chopsticks in your hair.

    DO: Wear a mask to complete your costume

    You’ve been trying to paint the perfect circle on your face for the past 15 minutes and you’re about to be late for the Halloween party. Instead, try ditching the face paint and buying a mask. It can save you time and reduce the stress of painting your whole face by hand. A mask also does not smudge or need touchups.

    DON’T: Wear a costume that mocks religions.

    Dressing up as figures in any religion can come off as distasteful to those who are religious, so it may be best to steer clear of dressing up as figures from any religion.

    DO: Hold onto your costume
    Don’t throw away the pieces of your old costumes. Instead, keep them for next year’s costume to save money and time. Those overalls you wore to be Mario could be of use next year if you want to go as Chucky or a minion.

    DON’T: Dress up as a mentally ill person.

    Mental illness does not have a definitive “look,” and dressing up in a straight jacket with crazy hair could push negative narratives about those with mental illness.

    By following this list, you can ensure that your costume is extraordinarily scary or fun without ruining the fun at the party. Now go out and boogie the night away!


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