The different meanings of ‘love’

By Koumae Adams, Staff Writer

The four-lettered word “love” possesses so much weight in our lives. But what does it really mean? For University students, love means different things to different people.

Samantha Shell, freshman in Engineering, said she thinks love comes as a form of enjoyment.

“I think it really comes down to just someone that you enjoy spending time with,” Shell said.

Santiago Leyva, freshman in Engineering, pointed out how broad the term “love” is.

“I think it means a lot of things … It can be trusting someone to be there for you,” Leyva said.

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Sabrina Longo, freshman in LAS, said love is hard to define.

“It’s hard to put into one definition, but love to me would mean sticking through with people even (with) their flaws and their quirks,” Longo said.

Longo also said that what the media portrays love as is not the only form of love.

“I think it can be in all types (and forms) and not just what is pushed in the media,” Longo said.

Neil Thammavijitdej, freshman in ACES, described love as something like a special gift.

“It’s just like the nature of love, which is to give something away without (expecting) anything back,” Thammavijitdej said. “I think that is love, where you (only) want to give.”

Yajur Sharma, freshman in Engineering, described love as a certain mixture of feelings.

“My definition of love would be a feeling of mutual trust, respect and compassion,” Sharma said.

Thammavijitdej commented on another form of love: self love.

“(I) like loving myself and who I am — the person that I am,” Thammavijitdej said.

With romance being heavily present during this time of the year, advice on love is something that many people could use right now.

Shell said balancing things is important.

“It’s easy to follow one or the other, but definitely don’t ignore your gut feelings (or) what your heart tells you,” Shell said.

Leyva echoed this sentiment.

“Once you find that balance and you know how to manage your relationship, that is your key to happiness,” Leyva said.

Thammavijitdej said that there are many ways love and connection can be expressed.

“I think in relationships, there’s so many ways we can relate it to one another,” Thammavijitdej said. “The way we relate to one another should not be just physical, but intellectual, spiritual and (the) many ways we can relate to one another in the long term.”

Sharma talked about the importance of watching for red flags.

“Be careful. If you see a certain sign that troubles you, communicate about it,” Sharma said. “If someone isn’t willing to give 100% to you, then it means that it really isn’t for you.”


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