Where to cram: A comprehensive guide to study spots on campus


Lisa Chasanov

The Bread Company, a restaurant and coffee shop, is a popular study spot for many students.

By Jessie Wang, Assistant News Editor

With a university district spanning over 2,000 acres, there is a huge assortment of places to study on campus. Each of the University’s distinct study spaces has its own character and amenities, ensuring that there is at least one that will fulfill your specific needs. 


Perhaps the most popular study spaces, the University’s 20-plus libraries are often full of students during all hours of the day. 

Amongst engineering students and late-night bookworms, the Grainger Engineering Library, open 24/7 during the academic year, is a fan favorite. 

For those looking to focus, the quiet second floor offers natural light and study cubbies. However, the fourth floor and the basement are not for the faint of heart. These collaboration floors are often full of students chattering away, so finding a table or reserving a study room may be difficult. Grainger is also home to the Idea Lab, printing resources and many computers. 

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Other popular libraries include the Main Library at the corner of Gregory and Wright streets and the Funk Library on Goodwin Avenue in Urbana. 

The Main Library, located right off the Main Quad, is a great place to study between classes or meet up with friends for group projects. The library houses the Main Stacks, which includes over five million volumes and numerous study pods. The Funk Library, also known as the ACES Library, is perfect for peace and quiet. The library’s octogonal structure provides a 360-degree view over campus. Although there are only six study rooms, the library’s many tables and natural light are big positive side of studying here. 



Coffee shops

The numerous coffee shops dotted across campus are often bustling with students, either studying at a table or stopping by for a drink. 

BrewLab Coffee, located just off Green and Fifth streets, is known for its coffee and lively atmosphere. However, it can be difficult to find a table because of the coffee shop’s popularity. Espresso Royale is another popular coffee shop. With multiple locations on campus, even inside the Campus Instructional Facility and Grainger Engineering Library, this local chain has become a University staple. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, try the $3 drink deals! For off-campus brews, check out The Literary, a bookstore, bar and coffee shop in one or Flying Machine Avionic for extensive and curated coffee options. 


Academic buildings

Both the Business Instructional Facility and the Campus Instructional Facility are popular study options for students. These two buildings host classes throughout the day and are considered to be two of the University’s state-of-the-art facilities. For a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, coffee shops Café Kopi and Espresso Royale have locations at BIF and CIF respectively. 

The Siebel Center for Design, not to be confused with the Siebel Center for Computer Science, is located on the 1200 block of Fourth Street. The entire building is unique and based on the principles of human-centered designs. Created as the ultimate space for collaboration and innovation, the SCD offers many resources for creative projects, including recording equipment, 3D printers, sewing machines, woodworking tools and even a water cutter.


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