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Sex and the CU | How to slumber party

At the start of every academic year, thousands of students step foot onto the University’s campus anticipating fruitful semesters filled with friends, deadlines and many a trip to the campus haunts.

Whether you’re re-entering the bustling cities of Champaign and Urbana or arriving for the very first time, the start of the year reminds many of the endless possibilities that come with a newfound freedom. Something I did not fully realize until my first night on campus was that I could do whatever I wanted, and that included having sleepovers.

In college, everyone seems to be having sleepovers whenever they want. Without adult supervision, most of my friends invited over their friends and romantic conquests to spend a memorable night in their living quarters. 

I am here to tell you, reader, that the sleepover has to be met with caution and meticulous planning. Friendly sleepovers are always casual and tend to not cause a person stress. Being at university opens the possibility of having a suitor or partner able to stay the night instead of a guardian kicking them out when the sun sets.

The concept might seem straightforward: Have your partner sleep over, fall asleep, get up in the morning and send them on their way. No, unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

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The dynamics of a sleepover completely change depending on the environment. The dorm setup can be a tricky situation to navigate. I think the twin XL bed is designed to squander any hope of a successful two-person sleeping arrangement.

Even if I had someone sleepover in my dorm freshman year, I know it would have been messy and uncomfortable. The presence of a roommate also limits opportunity. If you have a roommate and share one room with them, do not bring your prospect over for sleepovers.

That may be a hot take, but unless you have some special agreement or feel extremely comfortable with one another, just don’t burden the other person with it. 

I am now a proud apartment owner. My trash hut sits on a populated corner of campus and often houses weary travelers voyaging from one watering hole to the next. Apartment sleepovers are fun and often annoy your roommate to a lesser extent.

The first time I carefully rolled out of my bed to brush my teeth, put on a little makeup and re-do my hair before my sleeping mate woke up was exhilarating. I was living on the edge of a lawless land.

During your first sleepover, be ready to not sleep at all. It seems each person included in the joint slumber will worry they breathe too loud and stay overly aware of what they are doing while trying to fall asleep. While I sleep alone, I tend to rotate around like a gas station hot dog. I soon realized this style of sleep would not be ideal for the other person.

I also learned that being a good host includes feeding your guests. Be prepared to make a hearty meal for the next morning’s breakfast. With this in mind, if you have a frequent visitor, you have to limit their meals or else they will eat all of your bagels.

Consider a system of tracking meals that is dining hall adjacent. Your partner gets 3 meals per week and nothing more. It sounds mean, tyrannical even, but it is your food.

With almost anything in life, establishing boundaries is always a great idea. You’re not being mean or rude for telling a person no.  

With all of this said, be careful. Dear reader, know who you are inviting to your abode and if they tend to steal the blanket during a deep REM sleep. As we all are becoming or have become independent adults, the choices you make are yours completely. 

If you decide to participate in sleepover culture, good for you. If you don’t participate in sleepover culture, it is also good for you.


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