Korean beauty makes its mark in C-U


Patrick Li

Dear;72 is a women’s fashion boutique located at 700 S Gregory St in Urbana.

By Sabrina Lee, Staff writer

Dear;72 lies next to Caffé Bene in Urbana, selling snail face masks, snail serum and green tea seed cream.

Dear;72 is a Korean beauty store that offers trends in Korean fashion and beauty products. They sell everything from Holika Holika BB cream to Innisfree products all made from natural ingredients found on Jeju Island, an island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula.

All products, including jewelry, accessories, clothing and beauty products are shipped straight from Korea. Additionally, the shop offers product advice to customers.

“Dear;72 stands out to me as one of the few boutiques on campus that seems inviting and welcoming,” said Grace Wang, sophomore in LAS. “Every time I go there, I always receive help from someone working there and they are always informed about the products they have and (are) super friendly. I haven’t started working there yet, but every experience I’ve had when buying something has been guided with knowledgeable workers.”

Korean fashion and beauty trends have expanded over the years, as it now has become popular worldwide.

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Ally Park, sophomore in LAS, prefers Korean beauty products because she said they seem more natural and are lighter on the skin.

“Asian people have different complexions in terms of facial structure, skin and hair and no other brands can really cater to the demand that Asian people require,” Park said.

Many stores like Ulta and Sephora also carry Korean beauty products, specifically skin care products which help market it to the masses. The popularity of Korean beauty products can also be attributed to the actual content and final look of the products. The marketing and packaging are different than other non-Korean brands, Park said.

There is also a difference in the quality of Korean makeup versus American. Gina Groesbeck, sophomore in DGS, said she does not use makeup much, but when she does, she prefers a Korean lip tint.

Groesbeck said she thinks American makeup is heavy and cakey, while the Korean look is more natural.

In comparison to American beauty trends and makeup products, Korean products offer different options and effects for customers to explore.

“I like Korean beauty trends as they tend to emphasize a more natural and glowy look than American trends,” Wang said. “I incorporate a few things into my makeup routine once in a while as I like to experiment with my look.”

Korean beauty can be found in other unexpected areas, beyond skin care and makeup. Groesbeck said color contacts and circle lens contacts are becoming more popular.

While Korean skin care products can be found in many stores, Korean makeup and brands can be a little bit more difficult to find.

“I think Korean makeup hasn’t been made widely available in the United States yet so the selection is very small,” Groesbeck said. “I think if Sephora or Ulta carried more of Korean products, more people will buy makeup instead of just skin care.”

For Korean fashion, Dear;72 carries the latest in popular trends straight from the streets of Seoul. Similar to the unique beauty products, Korean fashion stands out in being different and trendy.

“Some of the clothes are very unique and stylish and others have that vintage British style to it,” Groesbeck said.

Although Korean beauty and skin

care have definitely become popular in the United States, Korean fashion has gotten off to a slower start.

As the popularity of both Korean fashion and beauty trends grows in the United States, more stores like Dear;72 may open up, but for now, Dear;72 offers a rare glimpse into the world of Korean culture.

“I think in Illinois people haven’t really gotten on the Korean trends much but definitely in L.A.,” Groesbeck said. “I really like how Korean fashion is starting to become popular and I think it’s good to see diversity in their trends.”

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