Unlawful gun possession reported in Urbana

By Colleen Vest

A 26-year-old man reported an aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition at the 1200 block of North Wright Street Friday night.

According to the police report, a 24-year-old woman drove her car next to the man while he was walking.

“The victim and offender were not strangers,” said Urbana police Lt. Bryant Seraphin, criminal investigation division commander. “They had been in a dating relationship for years.”

The man said the woman was armed with what appeared to be a chrome handgun and threatened him, the report said. The man ran away, and the woman fled in her vehicle.

“The patrol officer was able to track down the offender and a witness to get statements,” Seraphin said.

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    There was not enough information to substantiate what the man claimed, he said.

    “The investigation was closed for insufficient evidence,” Seraphin said. “We won’t be looking into it any further without any new information.”