Champaign to resume speeding prevention grant

By Colleen Vest

The Champaign Police Department resumed the Illinois Department of Transportation speed enforcement grant on April 1.

“The grant allows us to have more uniform squad cars out to stop people for speeding and pay attention to safety concerns,” said Champaign police Sgt. Dave Griffet.

The grant is for $34,000 to pay for personnel and reimbursement for time and mileage, Griffet said. The grant is for six months worth of money to be used within 12 months of when it was issued. The grant was issued in Sept. 2008 and was in effect for Nov. and will be in effect for April, May, June, Aug., and Sept.

“In addition to the regular police out, the grant allows two extra slots to be

filled a day for seven days a week,” he said.

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    This is the third year that the grant has been in place.

    “A lot of people complain about speeding in Champaign,” Griffet said. “This is an added resource in a tough economic time because it’s getting harder and harder to get money to make the community safe.”