Champaign mom caught on tape advocating teen fight

By Grace Rebekah Kenney

Last night, local Champaign television station WCIA-3 aired a story featuring a YouTube video of two teenage girls from Centennial High School fighting, with a Champaign mom egging her daughter on in the fight.

Shortly after being aired on WCIA-3, the video was pulled off of YouTube, said Andy Miller, news director at the station.

“We got the tip from a student at Centennial High School yesterday,” Miller said. “The video was posted for sure this week. The school district thinks that it probably occurred on Monday.”

Miller said that discretion was used in airing the video, and both girls involved in the fight had blurred faces in the video. The mom, however did not.

“The reason why it became newsworthy for us is because of the element of the mother participating,” Miller said.

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    Champaign City Police are currently investigating the situation.

    “The information was brought to our attention yesterday afternoon,” said Rene Dunn, Assistant to the Chief of Police for Community Services. She said that currently they are working to understand what happened.

    “We’re investigating those that were near this incident and those potentially involved,” Dunn said.