Children’s clothing resale shop to open in Urbana

The owners of Frogs & Fairies, a new “upscale” children’s clothing resale store coming to Urbana in September, believe their new business will be the perfect recipe for families in the current economic recession.

“Kids grow, there’s no way around it. You have to buy new clothes every year,” said Urbana resident Lisa Busey Cook, who will co-own the store, with partners Tracey Clayton, of St Joseph, and Laura Weatherell, of Champaign.

Frogs & Fairies is not run like a typical consignment shop, the owners said. Those who bring in clothes deemed acceptable to sell in the store will receive cash or store credit on the spot, instead of having to wait for their items to sell to get a profit. The fact that sellers can receive money immediately is one reason that the owners think the store will be successful.

“In this economy, I think it’s needed around here. Parents have somewhere to take their items for cash and in return have a less expensive place to shop,” Clayton said.

Clayton said the economy’s effect will be twofold. It worries her that people may be cutting back spending but she expects the store will get more foot traffic because people will be “looking for a way to make a little bit of money.”

Cook said she thinks the store can appeal to everyone in the community.

“We’re trying to bring it to you in a more upscale way … You may want to buy and sell, you may just want to sell, you may just want to buy. We’re trying to get such a broad spectrum,” Cook said.

The idea was hatched when Clayton, a former manager at Express Men in Market Place Mall, was looking for a place to house her own merchandise “without doing a garage sale or making multiple trips to a consignment store.”

Cook said she and Clayton, both stay-at-home moms, had talked about wanting “something that was our own.”

So when Clayton approached Cook with the idea, Cook was ecstatic.

“I was looking for that one thing, and I’d know that one thing when I heard it because it would light a fire under me,” Cook said. “And (Frogs & Fairies) was it … I was sold, I was 100 percent in.”

The owners said they are pleased with how the process has gone thus far. Cook said construction on the store, which will be located at The Pines shopping complex at the corner of Philo and Windsor roads, began June 3. She was most excited about the community feedback, as displayed by the amount of clothing that has already been received.

“The reaction from Champaign-Urbana and the surrounding area has been incredible,” Cook said. “We have so much stuff right now that we are now able to be picky and selective. We’re excited. I cannot tell you how many moms will come up, and you start talking and mention the store, and they’ll go ‘That’s you? I’ve heard all about it.’ It’s getting around everywhere.”