Res. hall game becomes fierce

By Megan Loiselle

Residential Life is giving students in the Champaign Residence Halls the chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Six Flags in St. Louis.

Fierce Factor is a series of activities where students in both Hopkins and Forbes Residence Halls are invited to do karaoke, swim, eat strange foods and participate in other team activities. Potentially, all of the 500 students living in each Hopkins and Forbes could participate in Fierce Factor, but attendance is not required.

Each building is broken up into 10 teams that compete in 12 events held on Wednesday and Friday nights from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Each student is given a different colored bandana to represent his or her team’s color.

Teams will compete for points at each event, and the team with the most points by the end of the competition will win the trip to the Six Flags when it opens in the spring.

The Fierce Factor program will not occur in both halls at exactly the same time. Hopkins Residence Hall will host the competition’s events until Oct. 1, and Forbes Residence Hall will start its events on Sept. 24.

The residence halls are running the programs at different times because they do not have enough manpower to hold both simultaneously, said Sara Sandstrom, the resident director for Scott Hall who is helping to organize the event.

Fierce Factor was scheduled to start last Wednesday, but because of bad weather the activity was postponed, said James Rooney, associate director of Residential Life.

Champaign Idol, a karaoke event, was held Friday night.

Because of the weather Friday night, attendance was lower than expected, Sandstrom said.

“There weren’t too many people,” said Mike Kolkebeck, junior in engineering. “But not a lot of people like to sing.”

Kolkebeck and the rest of the Red team won bronze in the karaoke event, with the Black team seizing the gold.

“I’ll go to the next event,” said Kolkebeck, who wants to win the Six Flags ticket. “It was pretty exciting.”

This Wednesday, the GPS Scavenger Hunt, which was postponed last Wednesday, will take place. Global positioning satellite receivers will guide students in their hunt for hidden objects across campus.

“I’m really excited about the late night programming,” Sandstrom said. “It’s different than normal.”

It is a unique opportunity for the resident assistants and students living in Hopkins and Forbes Residence Halls, she said.

“I’m hoping for really good feedback,” Sandstrom said.

Compared to other smaller-scale programs, like movies and video games, Fierce Factor is a large-scale program that is not commonly seen in University residence halls, Sandstrom said.

Sandstrom said ideally 220 students would attend every event. Most of the events will take place on the Champaign side of campus.