Motorist hits bicyclist on Green St.

Online Poster

Online Poster

By Jamie Loo

A man on a bicycle was hit at the intersection of Fourth and Green streets at approximately 6 p.m. on Monday night, according to witnesses.

A motorist traveling eastbound on Green Street was taking a left turn onto Fourth Street when they hit the bicyclist. Matt Petersen, junior in FAA, was across the street when he heard the bicyclist yelling. Petersen said the bike was “smashed up” off to the side and the victim was lying on the ground.

“He got up and tried to walk,” Petersen said.

Petersen and graduate student Greg Earhart, who also was passing by, helped the victim off the ground and to the sidewalk. Earhart and Petersen said the man was conscious and talking. Earhart said he had an abrasion on his forehead.

“I think he was more shocked than hurt,” Earhart said.

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    The Champaign Police officer that responded to the scene said there will be a citation issued for the motorist.

    An employee at New Life Tattoos and Body Piercing, 404 E. Green St., was outside taking a break and said he heard the tires screech and saw the man fall to the ground. He immediately went inside the store to dial 911, but he wasn’t the only one. Five other witnesses also placed calls and waited until police arrived a few minutes later – which the New Life Tattoos employee said impressed him.

    “Way to be concerned about your fellow human being,” he said.