Other campuses: New brew might cause concern

(U-WIRE) LUBBOCK, Texas – Texas Tech University students looking for a one-two punch of a bubbly beer-buzz and a euphoric energy jolt might be happy to know Anheuser-Busch is marketing such a product.

The beer is called BE, read, “B to the E power,” and is infused with caffeine, guarana and ginseng.

In a recent teleconference, representatives from Anheuser-Busch discussed the release of the new product.

The target audience is club goers and 21- to 27-year old drinkers who are looking for strength to keep up with their highly social and fast-paced lifestyles, according to the teleconference transcript.

The new brew will be made in Anheuser-Busch’s Houston brewery, in a 10-ounce can with fashionable graphics, according to the transcript.

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Students who are interested in trying BE might be able to find the product as early as next month, according to the teleconference transcript. The company will be launching the product in phases starting in November and should have the product in about 50 percent of the market by the end of the year.

Some students may be concerned with health risks the product may pose, due to the mixing of alcohol, a depressant, and stimuli such as caffeine.

Dr. Alan Kaye in the Department of Anesthesiology at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, said because of the limited information on the new product, it is difficult to determine whether the beer could have harmful effects.

“Ginseng is an herbal product that has modest effects on the body, but it’s really hard to comment on what effects it might have when combined with caffeine, guarana and alcohol,” he said, “and this is because I don’t know how much of each substance will be in it.”

One concern is the mixing of products that have opposite influences on the body, Kaye said.

“Alcohol has sedating properties, and caffeine is a stimulant,” he said. “That combination could possibly be problematic, and people just need to be mindful of that.”

Kaye said people who choose to drink the new product should be aware of the health problems it may cause.

– Kandis Wenk