Election: Jakobsson re-elected in landslide

Scott Bort

Scott Bort

The media room at the Brookens Administrative Center, 1776 E. Washington St., Urbana, was filled with cheers when State Representative Naomi Jakobsson was announced on air as the winner of the 103rd District race, winning 62 percent of the votes with 70 precincts reporting.

Jakobsson expressed her profound gratitute to the constituents of her district.

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“The biggest feeling I have is how grateful I am to the people of the 103rd district and the confidence they have shown in me,” Jakobsson said in a press statement.

Tom Angelica, a 47-year-old Champaign resident, said Jakobsson’s track record convinced him to cast his vote for her.

“She’s done a good job in the past,” he said.

“I think it’s really important for U of I for Naomi to be re-elected,” said Cynthia Hoyle of Urbana. “Because the leadership in Illinois is democratic and I think it’s necessary to have a democratic house member.”

Debbie Miller, a McKinley Foundation employee, said she supported Jakobsson.

“Morally and ethically, I agree with a lot of her positions,” Miller said.

Joy Kadowaki, a first-year law student, said she voted for Jakobsson because she was a Democrat and wanted to support the incumbent.

“I am supporting Naomi Jakobsson because she is a core Democrat and a member of the church here,” said Adrian Ridley, a McKinley Foundation employee.

Jakobsson’s opponent, Socialist Equality Party candidate Thomas Mackaman, said he the latest numbers were not what were important to him. What really mattered was the decline of living standards and the war in Iraq.

“I think we’re happy with the number of votes,” Mackaman said.

“It’s been a really positive experience and I’ve enjoyed it,” Republican candidate Deb Fienen said. “I’m sure I’ll miss the energy of the campaign and a constant meeting of people.”