Sororities celebrate unity with Panhellenic Pride Week events

By Courtney Klemm

Panhellenic Pride Week kicked off Monday for a weeklong celebration of the University’s sorority community and its service to the campus and surrounding areas.

“Panhellenic Pride Week is solely a celebration of (sorority) women,” said Kim Jacobs, junior in communications and Panhellenic Vice President-Public Relations. “It’s important to take pride in the fact that we are women, and we do a lot of good things. One bad story can completely ruin the image of the Greek community. This week is a reflection of the good we do in the community.”

The Panhellenic Council and Shi Ai organize Panhellenic Pride Week. Shi Ai is a sophomore service honor society in the Panhellenic community that is made up of two sophomores from each sorority.

On Monday, National Wear Your Badge Day, members of the University’s Panhellenic community joined other schools across the nation in wearing their chapter’s badges.

Tuesday night featured David Coleman, the “Dating Doctor,” at Foellinger Auditorium, complete with door prizes donated by Victoria’s Secret. Coleman is a nine-time National Speaker of the Year and has spoken to audience members about dating relationships at more than 2,500 college campuses, conferences and groups nationwide.

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    “He speaks about the differences in men and women and how each view each other,” Jacobs said. She said the University is the last Big Ten school for Coleman to speak at, and that he had wanted to come to the campus.

    Jessica Goodey, sophomore in LAS and internal vice president for Shi Ai, said Shi Ai and Panhellenic Council wanted to book a speaker who was geared toward sorority women and different than previous speakers who had come to campus.

    “Most speakers deal with body image, anti-hazing and alcohol and drug use, and give a bad impression that sorority girls need to go see those (types of speakers),” Goodey said. “This is going to be more fun.”

    Meredith Schaumburg, junior in communications and Panhellenic president, said she saw Coleman at a conference earlier in the year and really enjoyed him.

    “He understands what dating and relationships are like in college,” she said. “He had a very laid-back approach and was very entertaining throughout his presentation.”

    The week continues with “Pride Week Shirt Day” today and, on Thursday, all sorority members are supposed to wear their chapter’s letters. Jacobs said these days are geared toward unity.

    Jacobs said the organizations hope that the events during the week will increase awareness of positive aspects of the Panhellenic community, such as the philanthropic projects they do.

    “We want to break stereotypes and have a coming-together as one,” she said. “The fact of us celebrating this week helps us to reflect over all we’ve done.”