Other Campuses: Two men disrupt class with beer, kick cans into audience

By Arizona Daily Wildcat

(U-WIRE) TUCSON, Ariz. – Two men interrupted a University of Arizona class Thursday, drank beer and kicked the empty cans into the audience, but students said the incident was more humorous than threatening.

Suzanne Delaney, a psychology adjunct lecturer, contacted the University of Arizona Police Department to document the incident in her psychology course Structure of Mind and Behavior, reports stated.

Delaney told police the men did not belong to the class but entered the room in the auditorium of the Social Sciences building around 3:42 p.m. each drinking a beer, reports stated.

The men went onto the lecture hall’s stage, set the beer cans down and kicked them into the audience of students, reports stated.

No one was hurt from the flying cans, reports stated.

J.T. Carroll, a biochemistry sophomore, said the class just finished watching a movie when the men entered the class.

Carroll said the men were “shotgunning” their beers – chugging them from the bottom of the cans and must have punched holes in them prior to entering the room.

Students were both surprised and entertained at the disruption, Carroll said.

“People didn’t really know what to do,” Carroll said. “People were more stunned than anything.”

Although no one was hurt, Carroll said the cans probably hit at least one student.

Marchelle Kavena, an undeclared sophomore, said the incident looked like a prank between the two men, and both students and Delaney laughed it off.

“It was kind of funny but kind of weird at the same time,” reports stated Kavena said. “They almost did it as if they were racing.”

Kavena said after the men kicked the beer cans off the stage and ran out of the room, Delaney made a joke out of it.

Megan Kerr, an engineering physics sophomore, said Delaney joked about how the men should have come at a time when the incident could be applied to a topic in class.

Kerr said she was in class when she noticed the men with “exploding beers” and did not feel threatened whatsoever.

“I didn’t care too much about it,” Kerr said.

Delaney said she did not want police to investigate but just wanted to document that it happened, reports stated.

She was not immediately available for comment.

Police are unsure if the men were students at the university.

– Jennifer Amsler