BOT talks building plans

By Sharon Steed

The Board of Trustees held their monthy meetings yesterday at the University of Illinois at Chicago Illini Union. The Urbana campus had many items on the agenda ranging from new buildings to coaching contracts.

One of the biggest items on the agenda for the Urbana campus was the construction of the new College of Business building. Chancellor Richard Herman said the new facility will have a huge architechural effect on campus and commended Dean Avijit Ghosh on raising the funds for the project and said the building will be one of the finest business facilities in the country.

Ghosh said the building will elevate the college to a new level. It will offer counseling services, a recruitment center and an auditorium among other things. The new building, Ghosh said, will capture the education mission of the college.

The College of Business has 3000 undergraduates and 700 graduate students Herman said. Herman believes the facility will only make the college, campus and students more attractive to visitors, prospective students and the many employers who hire the graduating students.

There will be a definitive presentation of the model of the facility by the November meeting.

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    Another major issues discussed was the expansion of the Irwin Academic Services building and the Memorial Stadium renovations.

    “You will see a lacking in our gameday experience,” said Herman, referring to the structure as it stands now. The plans include a skybox spanning from goal line to goal line. Many of the trustees were impressed with the planning so far and voiced their support of what Athletic Director Ron Guenther is trying to do.

    Head men’s basketball coach Bruce Weber’s contract was also discussed. Everyone was pleased with what Weber did withthe basketball team this year and was in full support of his new contract.

    “It is a contract both Coach Weber, Ron Guenther and I are pleased with,” Herman said. “It represents a long term commitment by Coach Weber and the University. It is a very good step.”

    His new contract places Weber fourth in the Big Ten and President B. Joseph White felt Weber was very deserving of the honor.

    “The contract reflects Weber’s desire to be at Illinois,” he said. “I really feel good about it.”