Compliments abound on Quad

By Danielle Gaines

Every day, events in the lives of separate individuals spill over into the lives of others. Often, negative events are shared, creating what is called a “negative event chain.” One group on campus looks to reverse this phenomenon by creating “positive event chains.”

The Positive Event Chain, a registered student organization, handed out compliments to passers-by on the Quad Thursday and Friday. According to the club’s co-presidents, Casey Best, junior in LAS, and Chris Earnhart, senior in LAS, 42 club members volunteered their time.

Each compliment was personal and written on letterhead reading “Compliments of Positive Event Chain.”

“The only downside is that you have to give compliments based on outward appearance, but people don’t seem to care,” Best said.

They estimated that the group passed out more than 1,500 compliments during the two-day event.

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Kane Keller, junior in LAS, was the recipient of several compliments.

“I agree with their reasoning,” Keller said. “How you feel definitely rubs off on the people around you. If you are feeling positive, things are definitely better.”

In addition to complimenting students, the group gathered umbrellas and walked students to class on Friday afternoon as it rained. More than 40 students were escorted to class.

“We do what we do to help people appreciate the small things in life,” Earnhart said. “We believe that it is really easy to make someone’s day bad, so we start positive events chains.”

The Positive Event Chain is working on several upcoming events including giving out hugs, handing out hot chocolate and reverse trick-or-treating. Club meetings are held every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. on the main Quad.

“It’s not just a club, it is a way of life,” Best said.