The ‘Soul Mate Guy’ comes to Union Bookstore

By Sky Opila

Friday marks the beginning of a new homecoming tradition, “Writers Come Home,” a new way to feature distinguished alumni authors.

The Illini Union Bookstore, 807 S. Wright St., will host the event with seven alumni this year at the 4 p.m. on the second floor.

Frank Polancic, author of “Why Wait? Create Your Soul Mate Now,” a book that builds on the idea of a professional resume with his idea of a romantic resume, is one of the featured authors. Polancic is an accomplished businessman, motivational speaker and author since he graduated from the University 14 years ago. His book and Web site have gained him the nickname ‘The Soul Mate Guy,'” Polancic said.

“I show how to align yourself with what you’re committed to,” he said. “I do that through feng shui, the law of attraction and I help people use their own creativity.”

Polancic said he feels the ideals of structure and excellence stressed to University students is what made him the accomplished man he is today.

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    “The excellence that University of Illinois stresses by setting high standards of achievement for students is key,” Polancic said. “I feel it is this excellence that allowed me to write a book in 90 days.”

    The event will be a perfect time for students to learn how far an education at the University can truly take them, Polancic said.

    “Me writing a book in 90 days is no different than registering for a class and following it through the semester,” Polancic said. “It’s all about telling yourself you’re going to do something and going out and doing it.”

    However, this event is not only for students who want to be writers, Polancic said. It will encompass any student who is interested in setting goals for themselves and accomplishing them, he added.

    “Students need to realize that life is not only about your relationships with friends and significant others,” Polancic said, “The opportunity in life is to realize that it is a long quest of finding yourself first.”

    Jennifer Stowe, events and purchasing coordinator for the bookstore, is one of the masterminds behind this new event. Bookstore employees, led by Stowe, have been coming up with events, specifically for homecoming season.

    “We really wanted to develop an event that highlighted our alumni authors,” Stowe said. “We wanted it to take place during a time when we were already celebrating our alumni.”

    The talks will be in the form of short, five to ten minute book talks from each other, Stowe said. Afterward, there will be a reception and an informal meet-and-greet where attendees can talk to the authors.

    Helen Peterson also will speak at the event, about her book, “Possessions.” Several University departments also will be represented at the event.

    “We partnered with the University of Illinois Alumni Association,” Stowe said. “We contacted the alumni authors and got our group together.”

    The event is set up so that students can come out and see how these alumni developed from students into authors, Stowe said.

    “There is a lot to be seen in the graduates of the University, seeing what they’ve done with their life and where they are now,” Stowe said. “I think it is also a great opportunity to meet with various representatives from different schools around campus and talk face-to-face with them.”

    Tim Quirsfeld, freshman in LAS, said the event would inspire students of every major and interest.

    “I think what the alumni are doing is something that should be taken advantage of because it opens the doors for people who are, or perhaps may later-on be interested in writing,” Quirsfeld said.