Fans gather to cheer White Sox in the World Series

By Kiran Sood

As the White Sox prepared for Game 2 of the World Series, fans across campus gathered to watch the game in support of its Chicago team. At Legends, fans were united in their views and support of the Chicago White Sox.

Brian O’Connor, junior in FAA, said that his feelings toward the White Sox being in the World Series are beyond words. O’Connor said he has been a Sox fan since the day he was born, and making a World Series appearance is a great accomplishment for the team.

“It is the best feeling ever,” O’Connor said. “I have two favorite teams. One is the White Sox, and the second is whoever is playing the Cubs.”

The Astros have a weak offense, O’Connor said. However, he added that pitcher Roy Oswalt is a great player and their best weapon.

Eric Mazzone, senior in math and computer science, said that words can’t describe his feeling of elation at the Sox being in the World Series. The feeling is beyond comprehension, and is still sinking in, Mazzone said.

“I predict the Sox will win the series in four games,” Mazzone said. “This year’s team has had excellent chemistry, which has helped carry them so far.”

Fans agreed that having the team make a World Series appearance is a great feeling. Casey Boguslaw, senior in LAS, said that having his team make it this far “it feels as if he is in heaven.”

“I can’t imagine how I felt before they made it this far,” Boguslaw said. “I think one of the main reasons we have been so successful this year is because of our excellent management under Ozzie.”

The Houston Astros don’t have the best defense, but their pitching is at the same level as the White Sox, Boguslaw said.

“I am glad we are playing them rather than the Cardinals,” he added.

If the White Sox were to win, Boguslaw and his friends said that they would be ecstatic, and celebrate accordingly.

Other fans agreed that it is great for the city of Chicago to have one of its teams make it to the World Series.

“I grew up watching the White Sox,” said Nicole Teran, sophomore in LAS. “I think a Sox victory would be great for the city of Chicago as a whole.”

Watching sporting games at Legends is something that the two do often, and they plan on being there for the rest of the games in the Series as well. Teran said that if the Sox win, she will definitely be making sure to have fun with all the other White Sox fans, perhaps by coming back to Legends again.

Rae Hyde-Basso, sophomore in Animal Sciences, said that she wishes she could actually be in Chicago to support the team and enjoy in the excitement. Her whole family is at the game right now, she said.

“I have been a White Sox fan since as long as I can remember,” Hyde-Basso said. “It is great to see a team that has worked so well together all year to make it to the World Series.”

Hyde-Basso said that if the White Sox win the World Series, which she predicts will happen in four games, she wants to drive to Chicago to celebrate with her family in the city.

Viral Shah, freshman in Engineering, watched the whole game intensely. His roommate is at the game in Chicago right now, he said.

“It was a great way to win the game with a homer like that,” Shah said. “I completely support Chicago.”

He said that since the Red Sox and now the White Sox have broken their curses, hopefully the Cubs will not be too far behind.

Jim Conybear, freshman in LAS, said that he was all prepared for the game to go into the 10th inning.

“I was getting ready for an extra inning, and thinking it was going to end tied 6 to 6,” Conybear said. “All the sudden, Scott Podsednik hits a homer and we win! It was an incredible feeling.”

Conybear said that the amazing team chemistry and the fact that the team believed in each other helped get them to where they are today.

“If the Sox win the entire Series, I don’t know what I am going to do,” Conybear said. “This is amazing for the city of Chicago.”

Dan Schraub, freshman in LAS, said that he was absolutely stunned at the way the Sox won the game.

“I couldn’t believe that hit turned out to be a home run,” Schraub said. “I am in utter shock, right now, but completely happy.”

It was the best baseball game he has ever seen, Schraub said.