ON-AIR: Professor harbors religious dialogue on campus

By Hetal Bhatt

Religious dialogue is something that some groups on campus feel is necessary for people of different faiths to learn of others beliefs. Bruce Rosenstock is a religious studies professor here at the University. Just last night, he served as the moderator for a “religious roundtable” discussion, something which he feels is an excellent way of promoting conversation between people of different religious backgrounds.

“I think when people come to these, they are truly seeking to learn about another person’s faith, to know more for themselves, to maybe understand better what spirituality is. And if people come with that spirit, and not in a spirit of showing that there is but one way, I think it would make for great dialogue.”

The Religious Roundtable was organized at the Courtyard Cafe by Together Encouraging the Appreciation of Multiculturalism, or TEAM. The organization plans on having more roundtable discussions in the future to continue promoting their goal of multicultural dialogue.