ON-AIR: Dorm security causes frustrations

By Stefan Jellicoe

Students seeking to travel between their dorms are finding their paths blocked by the door security system in place in the residence halls. Students must swipe their I-cards in order to open many locked doors and are only allowed through if they live in the building. Student Michael Zaun often gets flustered by the locked doors when trying to access the dining halls.

“You can’t even get into Forbes to begin with, but then you can also get stuck in a corridor on your way back, I even got stuck on my way there, like, the doors were locked. I don’t see why that’s such a big deal.”

Zaun, a native of Southern California, is increasingly concerned that these locks will leave him out in the cold. The swipe-card system is in place to be sure that only the students who live in a particular dorm have access to its facilities. University Housing Spokeswoman Kirsten Ruby says that needing to get past a locked door is likely an indication that a student is attempting to go somewhere they don’t belong.

“If it’s after two A.M. on a weeknight and there’s nothing going on that that resident would need to get to to use a service, then it makes sense for a student that doesn’t live in that building not to have access to that building.”

Ruby stresses that the hall staff is made aware when a door is propped open and will take

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