103rd District Election Preview

By Carlos Caceres

With elections fast approaching, students on campus are wondering how candidates will increase funding for the University of Illinois.

Tom Abram is a Green Party candidate for the 103rd District and he says it’s really important that this University be funded adequately, which it has not been in the past.

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“The amount of education funding that we’ve provided has been decreasing, at least in terms of the current dollars,” Abram said. “So, we need to put more money into our professors, our graduate students, we just need to provide more funding, more scholarship.”

Urbana Democrat Naomi Jakobsson is the incumbent in the district and she says funding for the University is going up.

“This past year I was able to get 12 million new dollars for the U of I. That was the first increase that they have seen in a while,” Jakobsson said.” “It is our flagship university and we need to make sure that we keep it that and we become the world renowned university that we deserve to be.”

Rex Bradfield is the Republican candidate running for election in the 103rd district and he says tuition is getting so high that college will soon be a rich man’s perk.

“If you let the University of Illinois continue to not be funded, what happens is you lose quality educators…they move across the border,” Bradfield said.