ON-AIR: Transportation Study seeks student, faculty input

By Meghan Bieda

Pedestrian safety is a major issue facing the Univesity. The University Multi-Modal Transportation Study is searching for ideas from all faculty, staff and students through an open house being held Wednesday in the Union. Consultants running the study will be focusing on pedestrian safety issues and possible improvements around campus.

Director of Campus Services Pam Voitik says the consultants want to make sure a large enough percentage of the campus population had the opportunity to share their ideas and learn more.

“They selected a time frame, 1-6, that would be more convenient for people who were already on campus to stop in, share their ideas, take a look at what some of the consultants are presenting, and still make it to the next meeting or class they have to go to.”

The consultants say they want to learn about campus safety from those who directly use it.

Voitik says that she would like to hear all types of opinions, concerns, and possible solutions similar to the one she offered.

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    “Personally I would say that we need to take measures to reduce the amount of vehicular traffic in the core area of the campus where we have the most pedestrian activity.”

    The open house will be held in the Illini Union Pine Lounge from 1-6 p.m. on Wednesday. All are encouraged to attend.