ON-AIR: Cost of classes sometimes isn’t enough to encourage attendance

By Christine Kim

Education is no longer funded solely by our taxes. We have to pay for tuition one way or another. So why should we go to class? In-state students pay a little over $9900 per year for tuition alone. That means about $5000 per semester. If a student takes five classes per semester and the class meets three times a week, it costs around 22 dollars per class, or 332 dollars for the week. But some students like sophomore Y.B. Shim says the cost is not a big enough motivation to go to class.

“I don’t think I go to classes because I feel like I don’t get anything out of it. Some classes are active so if the professors make it active then I feel like I get something out of it. I can still study on my own and not go to class and still graduate so I don’t see going to class as obligated. So I don’t relate paying tuition with going to class.”

Students who contribute to the bills themselves feel a greater need to attend classes. Junior Genesis Cruz holds two jobs: a front desk clerk for residence hall Busey-Evans and a nanny. She works a total of 25 to 30 hours a week and pays for her own rent. Cruz says she tries not to miss more than two classes a week.

“Now you know everything’s more harder, I have more work. I’ve gotta stay focused. If I missed a class, even though I can get the notes from someone else there’s still extra stuff that I necessarily don’t know and it’s harder to get that back, so I need to stay more focused on it.”

As for out of state students, each class costs around 50 dollars and international students pay 67 dollars per class.

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