ON-AIR: Intramurals give students a chance to compete

By ME Online

Though varsity athletics receive much of the spotlight for sports on campus, there are many other opportunities for students to engage in healthy competition. The Campus Recreation Intramural sports provide a wide variety of activities for students to test their skills in. And as intramural softball champion Christy Cudziewic explains, the atmosphere at a championship goes beyond just recreation.

“I personally was a little nervous just because I’m a freshman and i’ve never been, like, in this situation. We had some fans come out and we were playing, pretty high energy because its a championship and both teams are there to win.”

Though she admits she has played more competitive softball in her high school days, Cudziewic says she was thrilled to have won. From bench press to basketball to sports trivia, there will plenty of other chances for students strive for intramural glory this year.