ON-AIR: Shift to Democrats could mean good things for the higher education

By ME Online

Now that the Democrats are in the majority once again, Executive Director of Governmental Relations Rick Schoell believes the University will continue to receive increased funding. Schoell believes the Democrats will work very hard to continue to advance the interests of the University.

“The House is controlled by the democrats and that’s a good thing. I know all parties want to work their way toward getting the budget in balance and we have to be understanding of that. So I’m hopeful again that the state can come forward this year with another increase this year just like they did last year to help our operating budget, to help support aspects of the university. I’m confident and hopeful that we can get that done.”

Schoell’s principal job is to promote university’s interests at the state and federal level.

He also expects a new capital bill to be passed that will provide funding to fix buildings like Lincoln Hall.