ON-AIR: Students feel frustrated registering for classes

By Christine Kim

In-state students pay over $9900 for tuition alone. They pay for the education they receive and for the classes they take. So why do some students have difficulty getting into the classes they want? When it comes close to time for students to register, they are assigned time tickets based on honors and the number of hours completed. Chancellor scholars were the first to register on October 31, followed by James Scholars and Rehabilitation education students.

James Scholar Sophomore Angela Hshieh believes it depends on the major and the popularity of the courses. She says though she had no problem getting into Gen-Ed classes, there was potential difficulty getting into her major classes.

“The only problem is classes that I need to get into for my major. Everyone in my major is a James scholar, if not a Chancellor’s scholar. I didn’t have a problem this semester because I didn’t want the section everyone else wanted to but if I had I wouldn’t have gotten into it.”

Although Hshieh had difficulty getting into her bio-engineering classes, others have spots reserved for specific majors. Freshman Melissa Van Dernoordaa says she was able to get into her art classes, but not her Gen-eds.

“I still want to explore enough things just in case I find something that I like more than art and want to switch. And so I have to take something that I’m not really considering for anything else. I dont know, it’s just kind of annoying.”

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Students can continue to add or remove classes up until the January 29 deadline.