ON-AIR: Is there rhyme or reason to finals placement?

By Karis Morrall

A history final in the Animal Sciences lab? Some students and professors are frustrated with the far-flung locations of their final exams.

Introduction to Psychology Teaching Assistant Brian Gordon says that students may be adversely affected by a change of environment.

“Research shows that students normally do better if they’re tested in the same environment where they learned. So if they were tested in their actual classroom, they would do a little bit better than they would if they were in some other classroom.”

Some students, like Liberal Arts and Sciences senior Lisa Foreign are not worried about their surroundings during exams.

“It really doesn’t matter to me. I figure that, by the time I get there, I either know it or I don’t.”

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The scheduling and placement of final exams are determined by the Office of Facility Management. Most finals are automatically assigned to the same locations as their respective courses, but many lower-level class finals combine sections and require additional seating. Requests for alternative sites are processed according to the space and availability of remaining rooms on campus.