Mayor suspends C.O. Daniels’ liquor license

By Jonathan Jacobson

C.O. Daniels, a popular campus bar at 608 E. Daniel St., received a three-day suspension of their liquor license that they will serve tonight, Sunday night and Tuesday night.

According to a city of Champaign press release, the city found that the bar violated a municipal code prohibiting those younger than 19 from entering the building.

The Champaign liquor commission allowed C.O. Daniels to choose the dates that they would close. But, since the violation occurred on a Saturday night, Sept. 16, one of the closures had to be on a Friday or Saturday, as those days are treated the same by the commission.

“If (the violation) happened during the weekend, (the bar) has to close during the weekend,” said Stephen Barnes, deputy liquor commissioner for the city of Champaign. “You cannot choose to be closed when school is on break.”

There are more details, Barnes said, that made this case more “aggravated” than the average violation. But he refused to comment further on the specifics of the incident.

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“That’s why they were shut down,” he said.

Doug Larson, president of Joe’s Brewery’s holding company, which owns Joe’s Brewery, 706 S. Fifth St., said that C.O.’s may have chosen to close this weekend because there will be significantly less traffic than normal.

“It won’t be as busy a weekend as a normal one in the middle of the school year,” he said. “There probably won’t be that many people out anyway.”

C.O. Daniels is free to remain open during the suspension so long as there is no alcohol “sold, served, consumed or possessed on the licensed premises,” according to the release.