ON-AIR: Memorial Stadium student section moving to the end zone

By Stefan Jellicoe

Next football season the student section will be moved for the first time in Memorial Stadium’s eighty-two year history. As part of the current renovation project a brand new bleacher section is under construction in the north endzone. It will not hold all of the student ticket holders, but Assistant Athletic Director Kent Brown says it will be the main area for students.

“That will become the primary student seating area for Memorial Stadium. It will be student only, you know we expect that there will be more student tickets sold than can fit in that area, In that case we will overflow into the east main stands.”

Though the students have sat at the forty yard line since the stadium’s opening game in 1924, the Athletic Department took an inspiration from other schools’ renovations for their decision. Brown feels it will add to the energy of the stadium.

“From that location the energy that the students provide will impact both sides of the stadium versus just one side.”

The seating layout is not finalized yet, but Brown believes that the area formerly occupied by the Block I will be reserved for the opposing fans. The new student section will be finished in time for the 2007 season.

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